Air Condtioners

Whether you are replacing an old air conditioner or adding on a brand new one, there are many things to consider:” is the model right for my homes comfort needs”, or “what can I do to get the most energy efficiency for my investment?” Michaels can help homeowners through all these questions and help them select a model and installation that is right for the home’s needs. Now, more than ever, there numerous brands trying to allure customers with high efficiency units. Michaels offers a full line of Trane air conditions such as the XL20i. This is the most energy efficient model we offer. We know that without reliability and durability energy efficiency can mean very little and that is why we are happy to offer this model.

T XB13 Air Conditioners Cutaway Color
T XB13 Air Conditioners Heat Pumps Beauty Color
T XB14 Air Conditioners Heat Pumps Beauty Color
T XB300 Air Conditioner beauty color
T XB300 Air Conditioner cutaway color
T XR13 Air Conditioners Heat Pumps Beauty Color
T XR15 Air Conditioners Cutaway Color
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